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Dance at a party

Hold a boy's hand for more than five seconds

Learn a new language

Visit Spain or England

Attend a concert

Cosplay as something, and then causually wear the costume at somewhere that's NOT a convention (church, school, a public restoom, etc).

Pull an all nighter

Cause mayhem with my friends at Wal*Mart

Write an erotic fanfiction for a pairing I don't ship

Write an erotic fanfiction in Swedish

Toss a hulahoop around the neck of a giraffe

Ride on a big dog as if it were a small horse

Touch a celebrity's face

Solve a murder mystery

Write a fan letter, and/or send fan art to my favourite celebrities to show them how much I care

Ride on a carousel

Hock a loogie off the roof of a city building

Join a sports team

Act in a play

Lead the school in a choreographed dance number at my senior prom

Hijack an ice cream truck

Go streaking or skinny dipping

Burp really loudly at a fancy dinner party

Have a race around the world

Wear high heels in public

Complete a marathon

Have an extremely fancy dinner (Not in a restruant that only seems fancy to me because it has cloth napkins. I want to go to a $500-for-soup-French-restaurant kind of fancy dinner).

Meet my web-friend, Monica, face-to-face.

Watch all the classic black-and-white horror movies in succession

Learn to drive

Do a back flip

Learn to swim underwater with my eyes open

Take a bubblebath

Rock a baby to sleep

Go dancing in the rain

Cast a spell/play with a Ouija board

Spend the whole day trying to complete a retro video game

Find my soul mate

Go skiing

Make a friendship bracelette

Ride on a pogostick

Read the ending to Homestuck

Write a poem

Write a cheesey/trashy romance novel

Draw on a wall with a Sharpie

Give a tattoo to someone who doesn't want one

Successfully draw a penis

Sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" for four hours straight

Attempt surfing

Lie on a grassy knoll and watch the clouds roll by with my sweetheart (or my cat)

Get a cat

Sleepover at a friend's house

Host a sleepover

Get in the news

Give a stage preformance


Watch the miracle of birth

Bake cookies for the old people

Sit a park bench and feed birds

Make a GIF

Write notes/letters to people I've loved and lost, tie them to the ends on helium balloons, then set them free

Climb a mountain

Join a protest

Ride a horse again

Play poker

Use my First Aid training

Sing solo

Learn to fly

Listen to somebody's life story

Throw something at a wall and break it

Paint a picture

Slap a politician

Become president

Wear a fake moustache to school on the day we have a subsitute and claim to be a new student

Cure a diease

Watch a forgien film without subtitles

Win a competion

Write and draw that Pokemon fan manga for art class

Watch the sunset

Blow a kiss at a rainbow

See a shooting star

Stalk a celebrity in the creepiest way possible

Start a bizzare collection

Buy some oddity at a flea market

Say something sassy on national TV

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United States
I am 15, a huge Beatles nerd, and I love Yaoi. My favourite fandoms are The Beatles, Homestuck, and Adventure Time.

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Thanks for the watch c:
No problemo, bro ^^
Lin-Kun-CDS Aug 27, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks for the fave :)
Thanks for the fav!
Btw, your bucket list is very cute.
You're welcome, and thank you~
teamfreewillangel Jul 14, 2013  Student Writer
i'm sorry
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KaienLoveYaoi2 Jul 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you so much for the favs!!
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